Brake Service

We check braking systems, replace brake pads, rotors, calipurs, and other parts associated if needed


We will find the problem with your struts, shocks, or control bars with a thorough look into your suspension.


Is there a proble with your power steering or steering column. We can replace your steering column if necessary.


Complete tune up service available. Replace belts, spark plugs, filters, check oxygen sensors, and more.

Check Engine

If your check engine light or service soon light coming on? When can do a computer diagnosis and find the issue.

Air Bags SRS

Have your air bags deployed? Is there any other issue with your air bag system. Bring it here and let us fix your air bag system.

Starting System

Why wont my car start? Was it the battery, alternator, starter, or just a little corrosion arount the terminal? We will soon find out.

Engine Replacement

If it so happens that your engine needs to be replaced, we can put a new or rebuilt engine in your car.